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How to Know Companion Care at Home is Having a Positive Impact

Companion Care at Home in Lombard IL

How can you know if companion care at home is having a positive impact on your elderly mother? Maybe you considered care for her when you recognized that safety was an issue. Or you may have been her primary caregiver for a long time and simply couldn’t do it anymore, perhaps because of your own health issues or limited time available.

When you hired companion home care, you might have been nervous. You didn’t know what to expect. The last thing you wanted was to put your mother in an uncomfortable or even potentially unsafe situation.

So, how could you know if companion home care is really having the impact you had hoped on your mother at this stage in her life? Let’s look at four ways you can know for sure that companion home care was the right decision.

1. She is speaking more often, again.

Your mother might not have been a big talker throughout most of her adult life, or she was a constant chatterbox. In either case, when she had a health issue or found herself widowed, living alone, and struggling with everything to get done throughout the day, she may have started to withdraw from others, including you.

When she had to stop doing certain activities or hobbies she once enjoyed because of her declining physical health or strength, maybe she stopped talking about other things she wanted to do or enjoy.

Now, she may be speaking more often. She might be more enthusiastic when she does talk. That’s a good sign that the companion home care aide is helping her see the positive in life and be more engaged in outgoing.

2. Her sense of humor has returned.

Maybe you never thought of your mother as having a great sense of humor, but you notice she has a little spry, perky attitude lately. She is laughing more or at least smiling more often than she used to. Maybe she finds humor in things that had once been a bit darker for her to consider.

When a person is feeling confident, feeling accepted, and feels as though people listen to them and pay attention to what they have to say, they will often be more outgoing and with that sometimes comes a sense of humor or, at the very least, more smiles.

3. She’s becoming more active.

For the past year or two your mother might have been sitting home alone, waiting for the days to end. Waiting for you to stop by and visit. Hanging on your every word, even if you are just venting about something at work or one of your teenage children.

Now, though, you hear about her trips to the park, to the mall, to the museum, to the local senior center, or even to visit with friends.

If that companion care at home aide provides transportation, your mother may be more active than you are at this stage in your life. That’s a good sign is having a positive influence on her.

4. She has a more positive outlook for her future.

It’s easy to start feeling as though nothing matters when every day is a struggle and challenge. You start to give up hope. But, maybe you’ve noticed lately that your mother’s outlook for the future is brightening up.

She may talk about places she wants to visit, distant family members she hasn’t seen in years whom she would like to see, or even things around the house she wants to do once again.

These are all great signs that companion home care is having a positive impact on your aging loved one, and that can have a positive influence on you as well.

If you or an aging loved one is considering companion care at home in Lombard, IL, please contact the caring staff at Suburban Home Care today at (630) 964-9000.

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