Does Your Elderly Loved One Need Dietary Supplements?

In-Home Care in Hinsdale IL: Supplements

There are many senior citizens and people of other ages that could benefit from dietary supplements. However, before your elderly loved one takes any of these, it is important for you and/or other in-home care providers, to learn more about them. By expanding your knowledge regarding dietary supplements for the elderly, it will be easier […]

Why Is it Important for Your Senior to Manage Blood Pressure at Home?

Home Care Assistance in Naperville IL: Blood Pressure

If your elderly family member has been diagnosed with high blood pressure, it may be critical for her to get a handle on the condition as soon as possible. High blood pressure can even cause a variety of other serious health problems that your senior really needs to avoid. For some aging adults, treating high […]

Can In-Home Care Benefit Your Elderly Parent?

In-Home Care in Darien IL: In-Home Care Benefits

Are you trying to find out whether in-home care services would benefit your elderly parent? If so, there are numerous benefits that you may want to consider. After reading through these benefits, you can have a better idea as to whether they will provide an improvement to your parent’s quality of life or lifestyle. If […]

How To Celebrate National Walking Day With Your Seniors

Senior Home Care in Lombard IL: National Walking Day

More and more seniors are choosing to age in place, but it can come with a specific set of challenges that a senior would avoid in a nursing home. On the other hand, a nursing home may just be something a senior wants to avoid, and it’s important to respect your parent’s wishes. One of […]

Avoid Hospital Re-admissions With Post Surgery Care

Post Surgery Care in Wheaton IL: Hospital Re-admissions

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality performed a study of hospital readmissions to find what surgeries or health issues caused patients to return to hospitals. Having Post Surgery Care providers available for your senior can greatly reduce this from happening. 20% of patients went back to the hospital after amputations, heart valve surgeries, or […]

Why Is Companion Care at Home a Good Solution for Your Senior?

Companion Care at Home in Westmont IL: Home Care

If you’ve been wondering how you can help your elderly family member to have exactly what she needs, whenever she needs that help, there might be a simple answer. Companion care at home is a solution that adapts to your elderly family member’s needs as often as she needs it to do so. No matter […]

Is Your Senior Dealing with Seasonal Affective Disorder?

In-Home Care in Burr Ridge IL: Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

In-Home Care: SAD, or seasonal affective disorder, is a specific type of depression. It typically occurs for most people in the darker months of the year. Your elderly family member might be fine during the summer, for instance, but may seem like a different person when the days get darker. What Is SAD? Seasonal affective […]

The Best Gifts For Family Caregivers

24-Hour Home Care in Hinsdale IL: Caregiver Gifts

24-Hour Home Care: If you’re not sure what you should get for a sibling or a family member or even a friend that is a caregiver for a senior loved one you’re not alone. It can be difficult to find the right gift for a caregiver, especially if you are far away and trying to […]

In-Home Care: Learn How Home Health Care Helps Today’s Common Chronic Conditions

In-Home Care in Lombard IL: Home Health Care

In-Home Care: Eight out of ten older adults have one or more chronic conditions. High blood pressure and high cholesterol are the top two. After those, the other common conditions include arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease, depression, dementia, and COPD. Your dad has some of these health conditions. In-Home Care can help your dad […]