How to Help your Loved One Enjoy Her Meals More

Companion Care at Home in Lombard

The last Friday of February is “No One Eats Alone” Day, signifying the importance of sharing a meal. If your loved one has lost interest in food and is eating less, it may be because she is eating most meals alone. When knowing that they have to eat alone, some people can become sad and […]

Does Your Mom Follow These Computer Safety Tips?

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National Clean Out Your Computer Day is on the second Monday of February. Set aside some time to go through your mom’s computer and get it clean and organized. When you do, ask her what measures she uses to stay safe when reading online news, chatting with others, using social media, or making financial transactions. […]

Best Cancer Prevention Tips for Seniors

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February is Cancer Prevention Month. It’s the perfect time for seniors to look at their lifestyle choices to see where they can make better ones. The lifestyle choices seniors make can significantly reduce their risk of getting some types of cancer. Since seniors have an increased cancer risk as they age, it’s beneficial for them […]

Keeping Warm in the Bitter Cold

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The winter months provide some unique and special opportunities to get outside and enjoy the cold weather. During the holidays, there are light shows and Christmas concerts. After the first of the year, you might have fun winter festivals in your hometown or beautiful snowfalls that you’d love to take your senior out to see. […]

What Can Home Care Assistance Help Your Mom Achieve?

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Your mom lives alone. She wants it to stay this way, but she’s finding it harder to complete some of her regular daily routines. If you arrange home care assistance, what will it do to help her? Caregivers Make Sure She Has What She Needs Your mom is getting forgetful. She forgets to pay her […]

Winter Tips for Your Elderly Loved Ones

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As winter quickly approaches, you may be concerned about caring for your loved one. Even if you live out of state and work with in-home care over the phone, you will still want to share these tips. It will help ensure your loved one is safe this winter. Seniors may find the colder months more […]

What Services Are Available Through an In-Home Care Agency?

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Your dad lives alone and shows signs of slowing down. Whether he has a chronic health issue or is losing muscle mass, it’s important to support him. You may not spend time with him, but that doesn’t mean he has to be alone all day. So, how can you best support him as he gets […]

Tips To Help Seniors Stop Smoking

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There are so many reasons why seniors who smoke should quit. One of them is that November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month. It’s the best time for seniors to get proactive about their health and quit smoking. It can be very tough for seniors to quit smoking if they’ve been smoking for a long time. […]

Six Tips to Prevent a Hip Fracture

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Millions of aging adults experience a hip fracture every year. But you still probably don’t expect it will happen to your senior. The good news is that by being aware and putting in place a plan, you may reduce your senior’s likelihood of experiencing a hip fracture herself. Discuss Risk Factors with Her Doctor If […]

During Museums & Galleries Month Explore These Museums Virtually

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Museum & Galleries Month was established in 1991 in the Philippines, but it’s celebrated around the world. It’s a way to support culture, arts, and heritage at area museums and galleries. Your dad loved touring museums, but limited mobility makes it hard for him to walk around a multi-story building. Take your dad on tours […]