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Is It Time For Your Dad To Stop Driving?

Home Care Assistance in Glen Ellyn IL

Caring for senior parents means that sometimes you have to have serious discussions they may not want to have. Like when it’s time for them to stop driving. Many seniors, especially men over the age of 65, view driving as independence. Having to stop driving can make them feel like they are giving up their […]

In-Home Care Can Step in for Family Caregivers

In-Home Care in Burr Ridge IL

When your mother needed help, you weren’t going to turn your back on her. No way. That is the type of person you are. Maybe you’ve had your differences with her through the years or you might have been best friends since you reached adulthood. Whatever the case may be, your mother needs help now, […]

Therapy At Home For Seniors With Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer's Care in Darien IL

If your senior parent has Alzheimer’s, they may be able to continue to live independently at home for quite some time. Alzheimer’s care can keep your senior parent safe at home and help to make sure that they eat, get dressed properly, and continue to do enrichment activities that can help them keep their cognitive […]

How to Know Companion Care at Home is Having a Positive Impact

Companion Care at Home in Lombard IL

How can you know if companion care at home is having a positive impact on your elderly mother? Maybe you considered care for her when you recognized that safety was an issue. Or you may have been her primary caregiver for a long time and simply couldn’t do it anymore, perhaps because of your own […]

Tips and Tricks for Natural Disaster Preparedness

Senior Home Care in Wheaton IL

Natural disasters can happen at any time. For seniors who may have trouble moving around or have other health problems, being prepared is crucial for their safety and well-being. Taking proactive steps can make a big difference in how well they can weather the storm, especially when they live alone. The following information can help […]

What Can Post-Hospital Care Do for Your Senior?

Post-Hospital Care in Oak Brook IL

Post-hospital care is a type of medical assistance that seniors may receive after being discharged from the hospital. This type of care is designed to help seniors recover from a hospital stay and transition back to their normal lives as quickly and as safely as possible. It can be provided in a variety of settings, […]

What Seniors Need To Know About Scams Using AI

Home Care in Hinsdale IL

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is new technology that can copy people’s faces and even their voices. And scammers are using it to convince seniors that people they love are in danger or need help and conning them out of millions of dollars. AI can perfectly copy someone’s voice, so when a senior gets a phone […]

The Benefits of Mentoring for Seniors

Senior Home Care in Westmont IL

January is National Mentoring Month which means it’s a fantastic time for seniors to consider becoming mentors. Seniors have a lot of valuable skills, life experiences, and insights that can help younger people with everything from their careers to parenting. Seniors may be nervous about doing something that would get them out of the house […]

Signs of Medication Interactions Seniors and Family Members Should Know

Home Care Assistance in Naperville IL

According to research, most seniors take at least five different medications. Seniors who have chronic medical conditions may take even more than that. And many seniors also take over-the-counter supplements that may impact how well their prescription medications work. Drug interactions caused by taking medications that don’t go together well can be very severe. For […]

Simplifying Cooking for Seniors: A Recipe for Kitchen Success

Companion Care at Home in Naperville IL

Cooking is an essential part of daily life, providing not only nourishment but also a sense of independence and accomplishment. For seniors, however, the kitchen can sometimes become a daunting place with its array of tools, ingredients, and complex recipes. One of the best ways that a companion care at home aide can help is […]

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