Personal Care at Home Tips to Help Seniors Manage Overactive Bladder

Personal Care at Home Darien

Seniors with an overactive bladder or urinary incontinence are often embarrassed by their condition and don’t like to discuss it. But there is nothing to be embarrassed about. Seniors suffering from overactive bladder can try medications and lifestyle changes to help them manage their condition and reduce the number of accidents they’re having. Suppose your […]

Respite Care: When and How to Use It

Respite Care Westmont

Family caregivers often believe that they’re responsible for being there for their aging family member every second of every day, with no rest other than sleeping when they can. This is a harmful belief because it is physically and emotionally draining for family caregivers. Respite care is an option, and it’s one that you should […]

Tips for Taking Care of Someone with Alzheimer’s

Respite Care in Westmont

When a senior citizen gets diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, family members of this person often decide to care for them in their home for as long as they can. Suppose your elderly loved one can have the comfortability of their environment. In that case, it can slow down the progression of the disease and help […]

What Are the Signs of Glaucoma?

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Glaucoma is a severe eye disease that affects many people every year. The more you and your senior understand glaucoma and how to recognize it, the easier it will hopefully be to avoid the more significant impacts of the disease, including vision loss. Here’s what you and your senior need to know to be as […]

Six Tips for Your Senior’s Skincare Routine

Personal Care at Home Burr Ridge IL: Skin Care

Beautiful in Your Skin Month comes around every June and that makes this time of year a perfect time to take a closer look at your senior’s skincare routine. If her current skincare routine is just not working for her, or she really doesn’t have one, these tips can help her and her personal care […]

Does Your Elderly Loved One Need Dietary Supplements?

In-Home Care in Hinsdale IL: Supplements

There are many senior citizens and people of other ages that could benefit from dietary supplements. However, before your elderly loved one takes any of these, it is important for you and/or other in-home care providers, to learn more about them. By expanding your knowledge regarding dietary supplements for the elderly, it will be easier […]

Why Is it Important for Your Senior to Manage Blood Pressure at Home?

Home Care Assistance in Naperville IL: Blood Pressure

If your elderly family member has been diagnosed with high blood pressure, it may be critical for her to get a handle on the condition as soon as possible. High blood pressure can even cause a variety of other serious health problems that your senior really needs to avoid. For some aging adults, treating high […]

Can In-Home Care Benefit Your Elderly Parent?

In-Home Care in Darien IL: In-Home Care Benefits

Are you trying to find out whether in-home care services would benefit your elderly parent? If so, there are numerous benefits that you may want to consider. After reading through these benefits, you can have a better idea as to whether they will provide an improvement to your parent’s quality of life or lifestyle. If […]

How To Celebrate National Walking Day With Your Seniors

Senior Home Care in Lombard IL: National Walking Day

More and more seniors are choosing to age in place, but it can come with a specific set of challenges that a senior would avoid in a nursing home. On the other hand, a nursing home may just be something a senior wants to avoid, and it’s important to respect your parent’s wishes. One of […]