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Does Your Elderly Loved One Need Dietary Supplements?

In-Home Care in Hinsdale IL: Supplements

There are many senior citizens and people of other ages that could benefit from dietary supplements. However, before your elderly loved one takes any of these, it is important for you and/or other in-home care providers, to learn more about them. By expanding your knowledge regarding dietary supplements for the elderly, it will be easier to ensure your elderly loved one is taking the right ones and in the best way which is through their diet.


One of the dietary supplements that your elderly loved one might need is calcium. There are far too many senior citizens who aren’t getting enough calcium. It is important to know that calcium and vitamin D work together to build stronger bones. With so many senior citizens having weak, frail bones, having your elderly loved one get the proper amount of calcium in their diet is a good idea. Some of the foods that include high calcium amounts include certain breakfast cereals, kale, canned fish, and some low-fat milk products.

Vitamin D

Another dietary supplement that your elderly loved one might need is vitamin D. Did you know that most senior citizens consume much less vitamin D than they need to get daily? If your elderly loved one has their levels tested and are low in this vitamin, it would be a good idea for you or home health care providers to ensure they get more of it. One way this can happen is through milk-based products, vitamin D-fortified cereals, vitamin D supplements, and fatty fish. You can hire home health care providers to give your elderly loved one the supplements if needed.


Vitamin B6

Did you know that vitamin B6 is essential to help red blood cells form? Red blood cells are responsible for numerous bodily functions and to help organs work properly. If your elderly loved one has low vitamin B6 levels, it may be best for them to eat more chicken breasts, fortified cereals, bananas, and potatoes. You or a home care provider could make their meals with these food options.


Vitamin B12

Another supplement that your elderly loved one might need is vitamin B12. Many elderly adults aren’t getting enough of this vitamin in their daily diet. Part of the reason for this is that their bodies have trouble absorbing this vitamin through food. If your elderly loved one has this issue, you or a home health care provider can give them vitamin B12 supplements with the approval of their doctor. It is important to note that vegans and vegetarians are at a higher risk of developing a B12 deficiency. The reason for this is that animal-based foods have higher vitamin B12 content.



Do you believe that your elderly loved one could eat better? Maybe they had bloodwork done and they are low in certain vitamins or minerals? If this is the case, your elderly loved one may need some of the vitamins or supplements noted above. You can even hire home health care providers to give them these with the approval of their doctor.


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