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Six Ways Senior Home Care Helps Seniors Stay Active at Home

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Part of aging in a healthy way means embracing daily physical activity. Being more physically active boosts brain health, physical health, and overall well-being. For seniors who have not prioritized exercise, that can feel like a tall order. Leaning on senior home care professionals is one way that seniors are able to get the help they need to be as healthy and happy as they can be in their golden years.

Support for Daily Movement

Especially in the beginning of any new physical activity plan, seniors may need literal support with daily movement. Home care providers are skilled at offering mobility assistance as they go about their days. This might mean offering help walking, getting up out of a chair, or navigating up and down stairs. As seniors grow stronger, they may not need as much hands-on support with mobility.

Creating Daily Routines

Starting a new routine around physical activity means creating daily routines that facilitate those goals. Caregivers can help seniors to determine when it feels best for them to exercise. They can also help them to remember when it’s time to engage in those activities. Over time, routines can offer the encouragement seniors need to stick with their exercise plans.

Offering a Supportive and Safe Environment

Safety is the biggest part of helping seniors to be physically active the right way. Senior home care providers are able to assist with fall prevention, remove tripping hazards, and recommend solutions like grab bars in the right spots. Knowing that they have the support they need can be a huge motivator for seniors to keep exercising.

Boosting Energy

When seniors exercise regularly, it boosts their energy in a variety of different ways. First, they tend to sleep better, which automatically increases energy. That better sleep helps with daytime energy. Exercising also helps to build muscle, keeping seniors energized. This positive cycle greatly improves quality of life overall.

Offering Companionship

Caregivers are incredibly important for moral support and companionship. It’s a lot easier to exercise when there’s a friendly face there offering conversation and encouragement. This also helps to reduce other mental health issues, like loneliness, anxiety, and depression. These types of concerns can make seniors less likely to exercise, so it’s even more important to avoid them as much as possible.

Getting Creative with Movement

When many people think about exercise, they tend to think about the boring stuff, like walking on a treadmill. There are lots of ways for seniors to get more movement in, whether that’s an impromptu dance party to favorite music or simple chair exercises that include stretching. Senior home care providers can suggest a variety of different types of activities to keep things exciting.

Staying physically active, especially when it’s been recommended by a doctor, is a lot easier with the right support system in place. Senior home care providers can offer the help and support that aging adults need in order to get and to stay physically active, even if they haven’t always embraced moving more.

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