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Color Therapy: What Benefits Can Color Therapy Have for Your Elderly Loved One?

Color Therapy: Have you ever heard of color therapy? This type of therapy can be used to treat many different ailments.
Home Care in Naperville IL: Color Therapy

Have you ever heard of color therapy?

This type of therapy can be used to treat many different ailments. Think about this for a minute. How do you feel when you look at the color yellow? Does it remind you of the sun and happy times? Now, what do you think when you see the color black? Does it make you feel sad or depressed? This is how color therapy works. Keep reading here to find out what benefits color therapy can have for your elderly loved one.

Sleeping Better

One of the ways that color therapy can help your elderly loved ones is by allowing them to sleep better. For years, color therapy has helped to improve, regulate, and balance people’s sleep patterns. Many therapists have exposed their patients to big doses of light in the middle of the day. This helped to suppress the melatonin in their body during those times. It also helped to wake up their body. Then, they were tired later in the day when they were supposed to be.

Treatment for Chronic Pain

Does your elderly loved one deal with a lot of pain? If so, color therapy can help to reduce their pain levels. Research shows that the color red can reduce wavelength frequencies in one’s body. This can lower pain levels in certain areas of the body. Red lights can also help to improve the strength of one’s heart, stimulate circulation, and reduce swelling or inflammation in the body. If your elderly loved one needs some relief from their pain, you or a senior care provider can take them to color therapy.

More Oxygen Throughout Their Body

Color therapy can help to release more oxygen throughout your elderly loved one’s body, as well. It has been known to stimulate the thyroid glands and the lungs. Orange is the specific color that helps people with asthma, COPD, bronchitis, and other breathing issues to breathe better. If your elderly loved one has one of these conditions, you should get them into color therapy. It could help them more than you realize.


Color Therapy: Conclusion

These are just some of the many benefits that your elderly loved one can get from color therapy. If you are a bit on the edge about this, you can talk to your elderly loved one’s doctor. They can tell you whether they think color therapy would be good for your elderly loved one. Even if you aren’t sure if it will help your elderly loved one, give it a chance. You might just be surprised at how it helps to relieve their pain, help them breathe better, and improves their sleep.

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