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During Museums & Galleries Month Explore These Museums Virtually

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Museum & Galleries Month was established in 1991 in the Philippines, but it’s celebrated around the world. It’s a way to support culture, arts, and heritage at area museums and galleries. Your dad loved touring museums, but limited mobility makes it hard for him to walk around a multi-story building.

Take your dad on tours of museums from the comfort of his home. Several museums created virtual tours during the pandemic. Since then, their popularity has made them a great way to tour one without leaving your home. Here are six of the best.

American Museum of Natural History

New York’s American Museum of Natural History set up a virtual tour through Google Arts & Culture. View 360-degree images of the different museum rooms. Then, explore the artifacts and exhibits from your computer. Your dad can walk around the room full of dinosaur skeletons or take a closer look at wildlife found around the country.

The Art Institute of Chicago

The Art Institute of Chicago has an interactive section on the website. It has dozens of pieces that you can interact with on your computer. Explore every corner of Pa-ankh-en-Amen’s coffin. Then take a closer look at El Greco’s The Assumption of the Virgin.

The British Museum

Take a virtual stroll through London’s British Museum. Walk through what’s left of a Chichen Itza ball court. Later, walk around the museum and outdoor grounds at your leisure as you view historic sculptures and artifacts.

National Gallery of Australia

At the National Gallery of Australia, view various paintings from Australian artists and others around the world. There are oil paintings and sculptures to explore. Additionally, you can view paintings from Monet or a metal ceremonial bowl from the Malay people. Handmade gold brooches and handcrafted furnishings are also on display.

The Van Gogh Museum

The Van Gogh Museum sets up virtual tours for the museum and offers them all on YouTube. Your dad can also view all the works of art online and zoom in to explore the details. Also, each painting or sketch also offers information on when it was created, what it meant to him, and other fascinating information about his life and family.

The White House

Has your dad always wanted to walk through the White House? Of course, he can go on the virtual tour at Google Arts & Culture. Particularly, he can explore the furnishings, art, and decor at his leisure.

You work all week, and as much as you hate leaving your dad alone, you can’t quit your job. Arrange home care assistance to ensure your dad has the support he needs all week. With caregivers stopping by, your dad has someone to cook, clean, take him shopping, and keep him company.

Home care assistance offers the helping hand your dad needs to stay independent in his home. Call a specialist to learn more.

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