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Companion Care at Home: What Are the Best Ways to Prevent Colds in the Winter?

Companion Care at Home in Wheaton IL: Senior Sickness Prevention

Companion Care at Home: Now that the colder weather is here, you may be thinking about how to keep your elderly loved one from getting sick.

There are so many illnesses that are already going around this year and every year. However, even the basic cold can take a huge toll on the health of a senior citizen. There are some tips for preventing colds this winter that you and your companion care at home provider may want to share with your elderly loved one.

Washing Hands Often

How often does your elderly loved one usually wash their hands? Do they normally wash their hands when they go out into a public space? What about after they have visitors? One of the best ways for someone to prevent a cold is by washing their hands often. This can help to slow down the spread of germs. If your elderly loved one needs reminders to wash their hands more often now that it is “sickness season”, you or an elder care provider should give those reminders.

Don’t Touch Their Face

Do you or elder care providers notice that your elderly loved one often touches their face? If that is the case, you may want to talk to them about this. The more they touch their face, the more likely it will be that they will get sick. This is because they are spreading the germs that are on their hands to their nose, eyes, and mouth. If you or senior care providers notice your elderly loved one touching their face a lot, try to remind them not to do this.

Cleaning the Home Regularly

Your elderly loved one may already clean their home often. However, how often are they washing down surfaces and knobs? Do they regularly sanitize their home? If they aren’t doing these things, you or an elderly care provider should encourage them to do this. It may be a good idea for you or another family member to do this for your elderly loved one if they are alright with that, too. That way, they don’t forget to do this. By regularly cleaning and sanitizing the counters, surfaces throughout the home, and doorknobs, you can help to keep germs to a minimum in your elderly loved one’s home.

Companion Care at Home: Conclusion

Are you wondering how to keep your elderly loved one from getting sick this winter? Now that it is colder, sickness may be on your mind more often. However, with the tips above, you and your Companion Care at Home provider can help to prevent your elderly loved one from catching a cold this winter.


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